ISBN 9780893893125,Living With The Himalayan Masters

Living With The Himalayan Masters



Himalayan Institute Press

Publication Year 1899

ISBN 9780893893125

ISBN-10 0893893129


Language (Hindi)

Religious Studies

Living with the Himalayan Masters is an extraordinary collection of engaging and inspirational stories of Swami Rama's experiences living in the Himalayas. He describes in fascinating detail about his childhood days and how he was trained to become a yogi. He shares with his readers his unforgettable experiences living with great sages in the Himalayan mountains and the various life lessons he learned from them. The stories in the book record his personal quest for truth and enlightenment. Swami Rama introduces the readers to the great Himalayan masters who have influenced him profoundly including Mataji of Assam, Gudari Baba, Sri Aurobindo, Uria Baba and Mahatma Gandhi. Inspiring and highly entertaining, Living with Himalayan Masters is an essential read for those interested in the life and teachings of Swami Rama.