ISBN 9789381970621,Logistics, an Untapped Opportunity

Logistics, an Untapped Opportunity



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381970621

ISBN-10 9381970629


Language (English)


Logistics, an untapped opportunity 'Logistics, an untapped opportunity' is a book dedicated to everyone who wants to have a career in the logistics industry. The segment especially in a country like India has a tremendous scope still budding entrepreneurs tend to ignore the industry. The book is about the "Logistics Talent Hunt Conference Award', organized in 2012. The event proved to be the onset of a new era which is to be coined as "Logistic Revolution". Order a copy of this book today to know about it and the potential it holds.It also includes the case studies presented by the winning and the runners up team. Along with the company profiles of some renowned logistic companies operating in India, the book also includes interaction with industry experts. Explore the untapped opportunities of the Logistic Industry with a copy of this book