ISBN 9780399501487,Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies


Penguin Books



Penguin Books

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780399501487

ISBN-10 0399501487

Paper Back

Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


Lord of the Flies represents a perfect allegory for men. When a group of young English school boys get stranded on an uninhabited coral island when their plane crash lands on it. In the beginning, everyone cooperates with each other but soon things take an ugly turn into a nightmare of fear and death. At first, trying to be civilized the boys appoint a leader to guide them through and assign the daily chores to the boys. But things turn sour when there is major power struggle between the boys and the whole concept of perfect world collapses right in front of their eyes and they get to experience a world, which is primitive, brutal and cruel.

About William Golding

Sir William Gerard Golding was an English novelist, playwright and a poet. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1988. He was a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. He has authored books like Free Fall, The Pyramid, The Scorpion God, etc. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature and Booker Prize for Literature in 1980