ISBN 9780007489978,Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780007489978

ISBN-10 0007489978

Box Sets

Number of Pages 7 Pages
Language (English)

Classic fiction

Bilbo Baggins was turning eleventy-one, a respectable age even among the long-lived hobbits of Hobbiton. Tired of the sombre life, Bilbo decides to return to Rivendell and the Elves, but before he leaves he bestows his nephew Frodo with an unexpected gift: a most curious ring that turns its wearer invisible. However Bilbo has no idea the amount of danger he has put Frodo into, for the ring is no ordinary bauble. Long ago, the Dark Lord Sauron forged this ring in the fires of Mount Doom to rule over the wearers of the Great Rings of Power. With it, he terrorized Middle-Earth. An army of Men and Elves rose against him, and the One Ring was lost in the battle that followed. But now, there is a darkness upon Middle-Earth. Rumours portend that the Dark Lord is once again abroad, and that he searches for that which was lost. Frodo finds himself in a seemingly hopeless journey to take the Ring and destroy it in the very fires that forged it: in the land of the Lord of the Rings himself.