ISBN 9781780743820,Losing Touch

Losing Touch



Oneworld Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9781780743820

ISBN-10 1780743823


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)

Arjun moves his family to North West London after Indian independence - but hopes of a better life rapidly dissipate. Hiswife Sunila spends all day longing for an Aga and a nice English tea service, his son hates anything Indian, and hisdaughter, well, that's a whole other problem. Reeling from the death of his younger brother, Arjun vainly attempts toenforce the values he grew up with, while his family eagerly embrace the new. But when his right leg suddenly fails him,Arjun's growing sense of imbalance is more than external.
Offering an intimate and touching portrait of an immigrant family precariously balanced on the cusp of East and West,Hunter's strikingly sympathetic characters remind us of our own shortfalls, successes, hypocrisies and humanity.

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