ISBN 9789380349046,Love, A Rather Bad Idea

Love, A Rather Bad Idea


Srishti Books



Srishti Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380349046

ISBN-10 9380349041


Language (English)


Love, A Rather Bad Idea is a novel written by an engineer-cum-author, Anirban Mukherjee. The title of the book itself provides the readers with an idea of what the book is actually all about. The author has done an excellent job when it comes to portraying the characters in this story. Even the titles of various chapters have been very carefully chosen, and add to the beauty of the book. The plot of this IIT-based novel revolves around Samar, who is enjoying his break from the rigorous studies at the university, by jamming, performing at Rock concerts, debates, and politics. His mates, Jiya, Skimpy, and Pranav are geared towards living life on the edge. Samar finds himself as a contender for the head of IIT's student body, which threatens to turn his life around completely. Through the course of this book, Mukherjee focuses on themes such as love, relationships, friendships, and the like, while providing the readers with his take on the issues that crop up as a result. The book is also filled with humor that permeates every chapter, and makes for an entertaining read. People who have experienced college life, and especially those who have lived in hostels, can relate to the plot of this novel in a very close way. The author makes sure to provide his readers with his take on matters pertaining to family, friends, drugs, love, college politics, and much more.