ISBN 9789381394700,Lovers Eye

Lovers Eye


Hind Yugm



Hind Yugm

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789381394700

ISBN-10 9381394709


Number of Pages 196 Pages
Language (English)


Oh what a book! Sorry it must be called a journey, a journey of two lovers on the path of eternal love. Going through all the poems one will find him or herself blossoming in the garden of romance. The book deals with all kind of emotions when a heart starts beating for someone special, when that someone special leave his/her love alone and also the love which never dies though time moves, people come and go, the life come to its last destination but the love never dies the books starts with poem of romantic love, love when a lover starts his friendship with moon, flowers and stars. When a lover always wants to be on cloud nine. In the middle of the book poems depicts the emotions of loneliness, the grief of a broken heart. And the last some poems talk about the love of dedication, spiritual and divine love. The language is so simple that it can be understand by even a layman. And everyone who goes through this journey of love (poem), will find these poems as his own words and his own emotions are pouring from these lines. In the end, It must be said a book for all age, all group and all kind of people.

About the Author
Lalita Dabas Deswal is a poetess by heart and "Theta Healer". Indeed, she has been indulged in spiritual prayers from a very long time, born with this conscious..... She had work in beauty & fashion Industry in Delhi & UAE. Lalita, started her creative journey since childhood, born on 21 June, she has completed graduation in bachelor of science(B.Sc.) and completed her masters in English literature, recently she is living in Dubai with her loving husband and adorable two kids... She dedicated this book to her dear father Late Dr D.S.Chaudhary her goal with this book to give simple secrets to break the mechanical life and blossom the heart. This book main message is "Love is the foundation of Life".

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