ISBN 9780440146575,Loving




Dell Publishing Company

Publication Year 1985

ISBN 9780440146575

ISBN-10 0440146577

Paper Back

Number of Pages 384 Pages
Language (English)

Love and Romance

In this reprinting of Danielle Steel's novel Loving, Bettina Daniels is the pampered but underappreciated daughter of a famous author who dies and leaves her penniless. With nothing but her social skills and a fragile dream of writing a play, Bettina follows her heart into some of the potholes of life and loving. This coming-of-age story has all the basic ingredients of a standard Danielle Steel romance: wealthy men, beautiful but naive women, and the flying sparks that result when these characters mingle.
Bettina Daniels faces ill-fated choices with an alarming regularity that will keep the readers flipping the pages. Drop out of school? Care for an Electra complex? How about a rebound marriage? Bettina makes all the wrong decisions with the right amount of good intentions. It's hard not to be drawn into Steel's world of dramatic denouements. --Nancy R.E. O'BrienBettina Daniels lived a fairytale existence of glamour, endless parties, and luxury among America's top celebrities -- simply because she was the beautiful daughter of famous American author Justin Daniels. Then, in one moment of tragedy, her father was dead, and Bettina discovered the truth -- he had spent every dime he'd ever earned and run up millions in debt. At eighteen, penniless and alone, she had lost everything except her father's dearest friend, Ivo Stewart. A wealthy, handsome publisher of sixty-two, he offered Bettina a way out: marriage. But only for a time. What lay ahead for Bettina was a life filled with shocks and surprises -- and eventually a chance to become a playwright, and a writer like her father. Having learned her lessons dearly, Bettina blossoms into her own person at last.