ISBN 9781444742497,Low Pressure

Low Pressure


Sandra Brown


Hodder & Stoughton



Hodder & Stoughton

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781444742497

ISBN-10 1444742493


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


Bellamy has tried her best to keep her family's past a secret. However, the secret has been let out through her book, and the person that she fears the most is back to haunt her. Summary of the Book Bellamy Lyston Price's sister, Susan, was murdered by a mysterious killer on a stormy Memorial Day. However, the identity of the killer is not known and the family does not wish to talk about the incident for fear of their lives. Eighteen years have passed and Bellamy is still haunted by horrific memories of that day. She writes a novel based on the incident that was the most traumatic event of her life and it is an instant success. She uses a pseudonym instead of her own name as it is based on a true life event and she wants to protect herself and her family. All her efforts are gone to waste when a crooked reporter reveals that the story is based on a real life incident, and Bellamy and her family's secrets are now exposed. Sure enough, the news reached the ears of the killer who has managed to escape being caught by the authorities for the murder. He is now back to threaten them and will stop at nothing to ensure that his identity is never revealed. About Sandra Brown Sandra Lynn Brown is an American author of romantic and thriller suspense novels. She has published several other books under the following pen names: Rachel Ryan, Laura Jordan and Erin St. Claire.