ISBN 9788179916711,Luwan Of Brida

Luwan Of Brida


Popular Prakashan



Popular Prakashan

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788179916711

ISBN-10 8179916715


Number of Pages 274 Pages
Language (English)


Brida is a small village in the farthest corner of Inkredia, located at the foot of the great Malingo Mountains This beautiful village is a brewing pot of troubles. And Luwan plucks out of it a danger that will claim his life, unless he escapes to a safe place. But between him and safety lies perilous journey. As Luwan plunges into a thrilling escapade, he explores the wildly fantastical side of his country. Fleeing through unknown regions with enemies chasing him like a wind, he sees the great wonders of Inkerdia and terrible dangers hiding in its dark corners. He meets the most brutal assassins known to the mankind and bloodcurdling non-humans of various kinds. And ... he quickly realises that for some reason they all want him dead. About the Author I love making up stories and teleporting to the timeless zone where I lock myself in and do nothing else but write. I especially love creating fantasy/adventure stuff which is based on real-life situations and characters. Apart from this I am an MBA. I enjoy travelling, travel writing and travel photography. I run a few travel-based portals for living. And y

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