ISBN 9781430216506,Mac for Linux Geeks

Mac for Linux Geeks


Tony Steidler






Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781430216506

ISBN-10 1430216506

Paper Back

Number of Pages 273 Pages
Language (English)

Programming languages

Some might say we all want Linux with an OS X graphical user interface. Mac for Linux Geeks will assist you step by step in migrating from Linuxbased systems to OS X. Dual booting, virtualization, and building out the Linux environment on OS X are discussed in detail, along with a comparative view of wellknown Mac tools and their open source equivalents. Written for daily use, this concise and dependable guide will steer you across the technical landscape from your chosen Linux flavor to the OS X promised land.Live with OS X, but work with Linux toolsMake the OS XLinux hybrid a realityUse Mac tools where possible and free software where appropriate What you'll learn Dual booting Linux on the Mac Creating a virtual Linux system on the Mac Understanding the OS X graphical user interfaceLeveraging free and open source tools to meet the traditional Apple strengths of graphics and multimedia Performing routine OS X system administration for Linux administrators Hybridizing the Linux/Mac experience Who this book is for

Whether developer, system administrator or hobbyist geek, this book guides all who want to migrate from Linux to OS X, helping to integrate both operating system experiences.

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