ISBN 9780070647886,Machine Design

Machine Design



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070647886

ISBN-10 0070647887


Number of Pages 408 Pages
Language (English)

Electronics & Communication Engineering

This book on Machine Design discusses the various theories and components of machine design. Theory has been presented in concise form with numerous solved examples and practice problems. It highlights the procedural aspects of designing machine elements to meet their functional requirements under different conditions. Salient Features Crisp recap of the principles and concepts of machine design at the beginning of every chapter. Numerous graded solved problems with assumptions formulated to help students gain conceptual clarity Plethora of unsolved problems for which assumptions are to be formulated by students A large variety of practice exercises and multiple-choice questions with answers to all at the end of each chapter. Pedagogy 250 Solved Examples 101 new theory questions-total 341 155 new practice problems-total 474 20 new objective type questions-total 305 Table of content :- Chapter 1. Fundamental Concepts Chapter 2. Design Procedure, Simple Stresses Chapter 3. Combined Stresses: Theories of Failure Chapter 4. Variable Loading Chapter 5. Cotter and Knuckle Joint Chapter 6. Design of Levers Chapter 7. Shafts and Couplings Chapter 8. Springs Chapter 9. Bolt Loading Chapter 10. Power Screw Chapter 11. Belt, Rope and Chain Drive Chapter 12. Brakes Chapter 13. Clutches Chapter 14. Spur Gear Chapter 15. Helical Gears Chapter 16. Bevel Gears Chapter 17. worm Gear Chapter 18. Sliding Contact Bearings Chapter 19. Rolling Contact Bearings Chapter 20. Miscellaneous Elements Chapter 21. Statistical Considerations and Optimum Design Appendixes: Index

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