ISBN 9780071074391,Machine Design Databook

Machine Design Databook



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071074391

ISBN-10 0071074392


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 1344 Pages
Language (English)

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THE FORMULAS AND DATA YOU NEED TO SOLVE EVEN THE MOST COMPLEX MACHINE DESIGN PROBLEMS! Machine Design Databook, Second Edition is the power tool engineers need to tackle the full range of machine design problems. Packed with valuable formulas, tables, charts, and graphs this unique handbook provides information in both SI and US Customary units--more data than any other similar reference available today! Selecting the appropriate formula and locating the necessary information has never been easier ... or faster! With over 300 pages of additional material, Machine Design Databook, Second Edition has new chapters on: The Elements of Machine Tool Design Applied Elasticity Locking Machine Elements Retaining Rings TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Properties of Engineering Materials Chapter 2 Static Stresses in Machine Elements Chapter 3 Dynamic Stresses in Machine Elements Chapter 4 Stress Concentration and Stress Intensity in Machine Members Chapter 5 Design of Machine Elements for Strength Chapter 6 Cams Chapter 7 Pipes, Tubes, and Cylinders Chapter 8 Design of Pressure Vessels, Plates, and Shells Chapter 9 Design of Power Boilers Chapter 10 Rotating Disks and Cylinders Chapter 11 MetalFits, Tolerances, and Surface Texture Chapter 12 Design of Welded Joints Chapter 13 Riveted Joints Chapter 14 Design of Shafts Chapter 15 Flywheels Chapter 16 Packings and Seals Chapter 17 Keys, Pins, Cotters, and Joints Chapter 18 Threaded Fasteners and Screws for Power Transmission Chapter 19 Couplings, Clutches, and Brakes Chapter 20 Springs Chapter 21 Flexible Machine Elements Chapter 22 MechanicalVibrations Chapter 23 Design of Bearings and Tribology Chapter 24 Miscellaneous Machine Elements Chapter 25 Elements of Machine Tool Design Chapter 26 Retaining Rings and Circlips Chapter 27 Applied Elasticity