ISBN 9780074603376,Machine Drawing

Machine Drawing



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780074603376

ISBN-10 007460337X


Number of Pages 298 Pages
Language (English)


The book is an excellent text for all students learning engineering drawing. It is useful to students of various disciplines at engineering colleges and polytechnics and also to those preparing for the AMIE examination. The first part of the book covers Basic Engineering Drawing-lettering, sectioning, dimensioning, free hand sketching and projections. The second part covers the Various machine elements. The third section covers limits and fits, blueprint, reading, assembly drawing and part drawings. Features A special feature of this book is that the manufacturing processes of various companies are briefly explained, wherever possible. This, in addition to a separate chapter on shop processes will help the reader appreciate the importance of details given in the drawings and part drawings. Another important feature is that the principle of operation and the application of the machine components are briefly described. This helps the reader relate what he is studying to what he will observe in-practice. The book makes the subject interesting and meaningful. TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I FUNDAMENTALS OF MACHINE DRAWING Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Principles of Drawing Chapter 3 Shop Processes Chapter 4 Elements of Freehand Sketching Chapter 5 Orthographic Projections Chapter 6 Sectional Views Chapter 7 Auxiliary Projections Chapter 8 Isometric Projections. Chapter 9 Oblique Projections Chapter 10 Perspective Projections Chapter 11 Advanced Freehand Sketching PART II MACHINE ELEMENTS Chapter 12 Screwed Fastenings Chapter 13 Keys, Cotters and Pin Joints Chapter 14 Shaft Couplings Chapter 15 Pipes and Pipe Joints Chapter 16 Riveted Joints Chapter 17 Welded Joints Chapter 18 Bearings Chapter 19 Gears and Gearings PART III MACHINE ELEMENTS Chapter 20 Limits and Fits Chapter 21 Blueprint Reading Chapter 22 Assembly Drawings Chapter 23 Part Drawing Questions Bibliography List of Excerpts from Indian Standards Institution Index

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