ISBN 9780070668072,Macroeconomics : Theory And Application

Macroeconomics : Theory And Application



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070668072

ISBN-10 0070668078


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 528 Pages
Language (English)


This edition continues in the tradition of providing a concise account of concepts & theories in macroeconomics and a review of the present state of macroeconomics, with an emphasis on India. It seeks to improve the treatment by enhancing its topical coverage and learning assistance, besides updating key economic data. Table of content :- Part I: Introduction And Measurement Chapter 1 Introduction: An Overview Chapter 2 National Income Chapter 3 Inflation, Unemployment And Poverty Chapter 4 Money, Fiscal And Foreign Sector Variables Part II: Behavioral And Technological Functions Chapter 5 Consumption Function Chapter 6 Investment Function Chapter 7 Government, Foreign Trade And Foreign Exchange Rate Functions Chapter 8 Money Demand And Supply Functions Chapter 9 Production Function, Factor Market And Aggregate Supply Function Part III: Economic Fluctuations And Stabilization Policy: Macroeconomics Models Chapter 10 Business Cycles, Stabilization Policies And Economic Models Chapter 11 Classical And Keynesian Fixed Price Models Chapter 12 Keynesian Flexible Price Model, Open Economy And Policy Debates Chapter 13 New Classical And New Keynesian Models Chapter 14 Unemployment And Inflation: Causes, Consequences And Cures Part IV: Economic Growth and the State of Macroeconomics Chapter 15 Economic Growth Chapter 16 State Of Macroeconomics Appendix I: Comprehensive Case Studies Appendix Ii: Multiple Choice Questions Appendix Iii: Fill In The Blanks Questions Index