ISBN 9780099505693,Made To Stick

Made To Stick


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780099505693

ISBN-10 009950569X


Number of Pages 36 Pages
Language (English)

Autobiography: general

Isn't it a wonder that urban legends, bogus health scares and conspiracy theories float around with the least effort amongst people while important path-breaking ideas by businessmen, politicians, teachers, journalists and others find it so hard to be heard or "stick"? The authors Chip and Dan, over a 10 year period of study, have discovered the answer to this question and what makes certain ideas stick in a person's mind while others slip away into oblivion. In Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Take Hold And Others Come Unstuck, the authors, in an entertaining but informative way give the readers a fascinating insight into an important area of human behaviour that goes onto show how sticky messages derive their power from a set of six traits. It also offers tips on the use of strategies like the 'Velcro Theory of Memory' and 'curiosity gaps' in order to put across their ideas effectively, thereby ensuring a high recall value. By citing instances like that of a clever journalist who got thousands of spectators to watch a football match by just showing them the outside of a stadium, of certain movie executives who were convinced to invest huge amounts of money in movies like Alien and Speed on the basis of little information and how an elementary-school teacher was able to prevent racial prejudice using simulation, the authors speak of practical strategies to come up with winning ideas. Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Take Hold And Others Come Unstuck was a Business Week and New York Times bestseller. Canada's Globe And Mail newspaper named it #1 on the Top 10 Business Books of 2007. Since its publication in 2007, it has gained widespread popularity among managers, teachers, ministers, marketers and entrepreneurs, and has been translated into 29 languages including Arabic, Croatian, Dutch and Bulgarian. About The Authors Chip Heath is a speaker, professor and author. He is the author of Decisive: How To Make Better Choices In Life And Work. Chip studied at Texas A&M University, where he earned his BS degree in Industrial Engineering. Later, he completed his Ph.D. in Psychology at Stanford University. His research papers have appeared in popular journals such as The Financial Times, Business Week and The Washington Post. He has consulted with clients like Gap, Google and The Nature Conservancy. Currently, he teaches courses on organization and business strategy at Stanford University. Dan Heath is a speaker and professor. He has co-authored Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard. Dan received his MBA degree from Harvard Business School. Prior to that, he completed his B.A. at the University of Texas, Austin. He had earlier worked as a case writer and researcher for Harvard Business School. He is the co-founder of Thinkwell, a publishing company, and he is also a Senior Fellow at Duke University. He is a columnist for Fast Company magazine and lives in Raleigh, NC

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