ISBN 9788170690917,Madhyanta-Vibhaga: Discourse on discrimination between middle and extreme ascribed to Bodhisattva Maitreya and commented by Vasubandhu and Sthirarmat

Madhyanta-Vibhaga: Discourse on discrimination between middle and extreme ascribed to Bodhisattva Maitreya and commented by Vasubandhu and Sthirarmat



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1978

ISBN 9788170690917

ISBN-10 8170690919

Hard Back

Number of Pages 176 Pages
Language (English)


Contents Chap. I : INTRODUCTION : 1. Vasubandhu's Salutation Stanza 2. Every word of the Salutation Stanza Singly Explained 3. The Aim of the Treatise and the Topics Discussed in it 4. The Seven Topics 5. The Consecution of the Topics Chap. II : THE UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTOR OF PHENOMENAL REALITY : 1. General Statement 2. The First Meaning of the Stanza. Repudiation of Extreme Scepticism 3. The Second Meaning of the Stanza. Repudiation of extreme realism 4. The Third Meaning of the Stanza. The Middle Way Between the Two Extremes of scepticism and realism 5. The Fourth Interpretation of the Stanza. The Contrast Between Phenomenal and Absolute Reality 6. The Two Absolutes : The Extreme Concrete and Particular and the Extreme Abstract and universal 7. The Middle Path 8. The Categories of Ideas in Which the Creator of the Phenomenal Worlds Manifests Himself 9. Another Division of Ideas in Three, Resp. Eight Classes. Mind - Store Ideas, Ego - ideas, Six Kinds Of Sensational Ideas 10. The Postulate of Buddhism Chap. III : THE THREEFOLD ASPECT OF THE CONSTRUCTOR OF PHENOMENA : 1. General Statement 2. The Unreality of the External World 3. Repudiation of the Sautrantikas 4. Repudiation of the Sarvastivadins 5. Cognition of the Monistic Absolute 6. The Hells, the Earth and the Heavens are the Phenomenal words created by the Constructor of Appearance 7. The Other Name of the Constructor of the Phenomenal Worlds 8. Controversy Between the Pluralist and the Monist on the Reality of Separate Mental Phenomena Chap. IV : THE DYNAMICS OF THE CREATOR OF THE WORLD-ILLUSION : 1. The Subconscious Mind-Store or the Psyche 2. The Dynamic Aspect of the Creator of the World-Illusion. The 12 stages of the Rotation of Phenomenal life 3. The Root Cause of Phenomenal Life Transcendental Illusion 4. The Second Member of Dependent Origination. The prenatal Biotic Forces 5. The Third Stage. Intermediate Existence 6. The Fourth Stage. The Embryo 7. The Fifth Stage. The Sense Faculties 8. The Sixth Stage. Sensation 9. The Seventh Stage. Feeling 10. The Eighth Stage. Sexual Desire 11. The Ninth Stage. Attachment to Cherished Objects 12. The Tenth Stage. The Full Realization of a New Life 13. The Eleventh and Twelfth Stages. The Sufferings of a New Birth on which a New Death Follows 14. The Twelve Members of Dependent Origination United in Groups and Regarded from Different Standpoints 15. The Division of the Twelve Members in Three and in Two Groups 16. The Division in Seven Groups 17. Other Meanings of the Twelve Membered Formula of Dependent Origination 18. Summary of the Theory of the Constructor of Appearance Chap. V : THE ABSOLUTE : 1. The Five Topics to be Considered in Connection With the Problem of the Absolute 2. Another Explanation of the Five Topics 3. The Definition of the Absolute 4. Other Names of the Absolute and their Meanings 5. The Varieties of the Absolute 6. The Sixteen Modes of Relativity - Reality 7. The Relativity of Relativity and the Relativity of the Highest Truth 8-14. Eight Modes as Manifestations of the Mahayanist Buddha and Bodhisattva. Their Relativity and subjacent Unique Absolute Reality 8. The Seventh and Eighth Mode 9. The Ninth Mode 10. The Tenth Mode 11. The Eleventh Mode 12. The Twelfth Mode 13. The Thirteenth Mode 14. The Fourteenth Mode 15. The Last Two Modes of Relativity - Reality 16. Review of the 16 Modes 17. The Proof Establishing the Existence of the Absolute 18. Summary