ISBN 9789380032849,Madras Miscellany

Madras Miscellany


S. Muthiah



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380032849

ISBN-10 9380032846


Number of Pages 1200 Pages
Language (English)

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Madras Miscellany has, over that decade, created an awareness and a greater appreciation of the significant past of Madras and of the events and the people who over the years made Madras ?the first city of modern India?, a description of the city that the writer of the column, S. Muthiah, never tires of reiterating. During the first years of Miscellany, its author used to get around a bit more and the column reflected this. There was always a piece on something seen or heard in person. But slowly the column became more heritage focused, not only loking at the places and the institutions in the city but, more importantly, at those who significantly contributed to Madras and, in many cases, in turn to modern India. It also became more participatory, owing much to contributions from readers. ?The Postman Knocked...? became so integral a part of the column that many a reader calls the column just that. Over a thousand of the 1500 or so items that appear in the 514 columns published during Madras Miscellany?s first decade appear in the book in three sections: ?People?, ?Places? and ?Potpourri?, the last named being everything else that doesn't fit into the other two sections. And in them there develops a rather comprehensive story of Madras over its nearly 375 years of history. About the Author Educated in Ceylon, India and the United States, where he dabbled in Engineering, International Affairs, English and Journalism, S. Muthiah chose a career in Journalism. After nearly two decades as a senior journalist with The Times of Ceylon Group, during which he wrote a Sunday sports column, ?By The Corner Flag?, for 13 years, he returned to India and spent nearly 25 years in Printing, Cartography and Publishing in Madras. He is now an information, Printing and Publishing Consultant for several organizations as well as being a freelance journalist, editor of the city fortnightly Madras Musings, and a columnist for The Hindu where his Monday column, Madras Miscellany, is in its eleventh year. Writing, editing, teaching and lecturing apart, Muthiah finds time for reading and the pursuit of History, for campaigning for the conservation of the historical and the protection of the environment, and for taking an enthusiast?s interest in watching the Arts and Sport. He has been awarded the M.B.E. by the Queen of England for his work on heritage conservation and environment protection.