ISBN 9789350751312,MagBook Geography

MagBook Geography



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350751312

ISBN-10 9350751313


Number of Pages 267 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

About the Book: MagBook Geography Contents: 1. The Universe Origin of Universe Evolution of Universe Constituents ofUniverse Life Cycle of Star 2. The Solar System The Sun Planets Asteroids Comets Metors Galaxy 3. The Earth Shape of the Earth Motions of Earth Measurement of Age of EarthSeasons Latitudes and Longitudes Time Zone International Date LineEclipse 4. Geomorphology Origin and Evolution of the Earth Interior of the Earth RocksCrust 5. Mountains, Plateaus and Plains Mountain System Plateaus Plains 6. Endogenetic Forces Endogenetic or Internal Forces Continental Drift TheoryEarthquakes Tsunami Volcanism 7. Exogenetic Forces Weathering Erosion Landforms Produced by Different Agents ofGradation 8. Atmosphere Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere InsolationAtmospheric Circulation Humidity and Precipitation Air MassesTemperate Cyclone Tropical Cyclone Koeppens ClimateClassification 9. Oceanography Ocean Bottom Relief Temperature Salinity of Ocean Coral ReefEl-Nino and La-Nina Waves Tides Highest Waterfalls of the world 10. Soil and Natural Vegetation Soil Profile Classification of Soil Erosion Soil ConservationMethods Agroforestry 11. Ecology Ecosystem and Biosphere Energy Flow in the Ecosystem 12. Pollution and Environmental Issues Pollution Climate Change Global Warming EnvironmentalLegislation 13. Biodiversity Mega-Diverse Countries of the Word The Protocol on Bio-safetyCartagena Biodiversity of India Conventions and Protocols Relatedto Environment Policies and Programmes of Indian Government relatedto Environment Action Plan for Vulture Conservation 14. Human Geography Evolution of Man Important Tribes of the World Population GrowthPopulation Structure Human Development Report Urbanization :Problems and Remedies 15. Economic Geography Primitive Gathering and Hunting Fishing World Forest ResourcesWorld Agriculture and Agriculture Typology Food Security EnergyResources Industry Transportation Trade 16. Continental Geography Asia Africa North America South America Europe AustraliaAntarctica 17. Indian Geography Size and Location Geological Structure Drainage ContemporaryIssues Droughts Climate Monsoon Natural Vegetaton-Forest andWildlife 18. Indian Agriculture Soil Agriculture Major Crop Types and Distribution AnimalHusbandry Important Hydroelectric Projects in India 19. Minerals Distribution of Important Minerals Energy Resources MineralsResources of India Renewable Resources of Energy in India 20. Industrial Feature of India Manufacturing Industries Industrial Categorization of India 21. Transport, Trade and Communication of India Roadways NHDP Shipping Ministry of Civil Aviation AutonomousBodies : Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA)Telecommuniction International Trade 22. Demographic Geography of India Human Resources Highlights of 2011 Census Some Facts of Census2011 23. Indian States and Union Territories Glossary Smart Practice (1-5) Previous Years Questions