ISBN 9788190736466,Magic With C

Magic With C


Rajesh Verma






Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788190736466

ISBN-10 8190736469


Language (English)


This book consists of two parts. The first part is on the Basis of Computers and second part on the Programming a Computer using C language. Modern advancements and developments in the field of computer have brought the world into new era. Computer has emerged as a powerful tool that is continuously transforming the shape of working methodologies and day to day service. There is hardly any sphere of life now, in which computers are not being used. Be it in any to day services. There is hardly any sphere of life now, in which computers are not being used. Be it in any area of operations, computer knowledge is a must. This is the reason, why most of the educational institutions have introduced Computer as a subject in their course curriculum. Many universities have a first course on computers and computing for all entering engineering (B.Tech.), MCA and BCA students to enable them to become conversant with computers in general and also how to program computers to solve interesting problems. It was felt that it would be useful for students to have a single book which includes both the basics of computers and programming computers using C. This book attempts to fulfil this requirement.

This book is a unique book valuable for beginners, intermediate and advance users. It is written with several goals in the mind. It is designed to provide all essential information you will need to learn and master. It presents Fundamentals of Computers as well as the basics to advance features of C like control structures, Arrays, functions, structures & unions, pointers, file handling, preprocessor directives and introductory data structure like stack and linked list with implementation by C language. In fact, while reading the book, readers will enjoy learning and feel magic to run the program because it explains the subject with ease and builds confidence. In this book author explain that, how the program is executing on computer step through dry run.