ISBN 9780070633780,Making Sense Of Software Quality Assurance

Making Sense Of Software Quality Assurance



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070633780

ISBN-10 0070633789


Language (English)


Throughout the book Raghav describes various approaches to appraisals that will make them more efficient and more effective...His approach is a practical way to help with process improvement -Jack Harding, Partner, Software Technology Transition Following the recommendations in this book will go a long way in enhancing the state of software quality assurance practice -C R Nagaraj, Senior VP, Quality, Satyam Computers Services Ltd Illustrates practical implementation of the appraisal method describes in SCAMPI method definition document -Srini Kankanahalli, Adjunct Faculty, University of Maryland What are the typical competencies of a software quality assurance professional? How does a qualitative appraisal differ from a run-of-the-mill appraisal? What makes software quality assurance challenging? How important is professional judgment while conducting appraisals? The focus of this book is on answering such questions. It collates the author's rich experience with leading high maturity appraisals in world-class organizations as a lead appraiser for CMMI and People CMM. Throughout the book various approaches to appraisals that will make them more efficient and effective are illustrated. Replete with numerous examples from appraisal records and implementation references from the SITARA Process JewelBoxTM, this book is on making effective use of time and money spent on software quality assurance activities, using structured appraisal methods such as the SCAMPI. The Role of software quality assurance function as a mentor to both the organizational management and delivery functions is critical to enable strategic execution. For the secrets which spell success for software initiatives is based on a strong foundation of evaluation and continuous process improvement. The focus of this book is on describing the necessary building blocks with which to enable a strong foundation of evaluation. Making Sense of Software Quality Assurance will be useful to quality professionals, managers, process specialists and practitioners of software and systems engineering.