ISBN 9788172236625,Malicious Gossip

Malicious Gossip



harper collins publisher india

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788172236625

ISBN-10 817223662X


Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language (English)

Biography & autobiography: historical

Malicious Gossip by Khushwant Singh is a book which contains selections taken from Gossip: Sweet and Sour and Malice, featuring candid portrayals of famous public personalities that the author has encountered during his career.

Summary Of The Book

In Malicious Gossip, readers will receive a private tour through Singh’s experiences in various countries, and with famous political and social figures. Through the book’s pages, readers will encounter the likes of Lord Mountbatten, Shraddha Mata, Nargis Dutt, Rajiv Gandhi, Zail Singh, and even Phoolan Devi. Without the requirement of a passport or visa, readers will travel with Singh and gain vivid portrayals of places such as Pakistan, Korea, and Papua New Guinea. Readers will also have the opportunity to read about Singh’s stand on various issues such as communalism, bride burning, and terrorism.

The text begins with a Preface and Introduction and then delves into four parts. In the part titled To Pakistan With Love, Singh covers topics such as From the Death Sentence to the Gallows, and War and Cricket. In Many Faces, Singh provides a personal look at famous figures such as Rajiv Gandhi, Balwant Gargi, V. P. Singh, Sanjay Gandhi, and Jag Parvesh Chandra. In Discovering India, Singh talks about his travel experiences to places such as Delhi-Bombay-Delhi, Snake River, and Ludhiana: The Filthy Rich. Finally, in Around The World, the author reveals his thoughts and ideas on an international hodgepodge of topics such as Ugandan Memories, Indonesian Fortnight, Return to Delhi, Turkish Delights, A Globe-Trotter's Diary and Papua New Guinea.

Singh’s presentation of the information is blunt, provocative, and perceptive, reflecting the character of the author. After reading Malicious Gossip, readers will be converted to Singh’s fandom. Malicious Gossip was published in 2010.

About Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh was an Anglo-Indian writer, advocate, politician and journalist. A Padma Vibhushan awardee, Mr. Singh is best remembered for his humour, love of poetry and his vigourous treatment of secularism in his writings, most evident in: The Company of Women, Truth, Love and a Little Malice, With Malice towards One and All, The Mark of Vishnu and Other Stories and Delhi: A Novel.

A graduate of Government College, Lahore, St. Stephen's College in Delhi and King's College London, he read for the Bar at the Inner Temple and served as a practising lawyer for nearly fifteen years before entering journalism. He has worked with The Illustrated Weekly, The National Herald and Hindustan Times. A prolific writer, Mr. Singh wrote till the grand old age of 99, releasing his last work The Good, The Bad and The Ridiculous a few months before his passing in March 2014.