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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781259026836

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Edition 14th
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Budgeting & financial management

TABLE OF CONTENTS Part I: The Basis of Global Management Theory and Practice 1. Management: Science, Theory, and Practice 2. Management and Society: The External Environment, Social Responsibility, and Ethics 3. Global, Comparative, and Quality Management Part 1 Closing: The Basis of Global and Entrepreneurial Management Part 2 Planning 4. Essentials of Planning and Managing by Objectives 5. Strategies, Policies, and Planning Premises 6. Decision-Making Part 2 Closing: Global and Entrepreneurial Planning Part 3 Organizing 7. The Nature of Organizing, Entrepreneuring, and Reengineering 8. Organization Structure: Departmentation 9. Line/Staff Authority, Empowerment, and Decentralization 10. Effective Organizing and Organization Culture Part 3 Closing: Global and Entrepreneurial Organizing Part 4 Staffing 11. Human Resource Management and Selection 12. Performance Appraisal and Career Strategy 13. Managing Change through Manager and Organization Development Part 4 Closing: Global and Entrepreneurial Staffing Part 5 Leading 14. Human Factors and Motivation 15. Leadership 16. Committees, Teams, and Group Decision-Making 17. Communication Part 5 Closing: Global and Entrepreneurial Leading Part 6 Controlling 18. The System and Process of Controlling 19. Control Techniques and Information Technology 20. Productivity, Operations Management, and Total Quality Management Part 6 Closing: Global Controlling and Challenges and Entrepreneurial Controlling Appendix A. Summary of Major Principles or Guides for the Managerial Functions of Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading, and Controlling B. Management Excellence Survey