ISBN 9788171565603,Management and Organisation of Irrigation System

Management and Organisation of Irrigation System






Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9788171565603

ISBN-10 8171565603


Number of Pages 430 Pages
Language (English)


Water Is One Of The Essential Resources In Ag¬Ricultural Production, Which Has Several Unique Characteristics. Individual Farmers, Acting Alone, Can Seldom Acquire Water For Irrigation. Con¬Struction And Maintenance Of The Physical Struc¬Tures To Divert, Convey, And Distribute Water Usually Require Huge Investments, Which Is Beyond The Capacity Of A Farmer Surface Wa¬Ter Cannot Be Easily Stored And Particularly By The Individual Farmer, As Fertilisers, Pesticides Etc. Can Be. Water Must Be Used Whenever It Is Available. However, Farmers Generally Can¬Not Transport Water Economically Over Great Distances And The Locations. All Irrigation Systems Require That Certain Es¬Sential Tasks Should Be Accomplished, If The System Is To Function Productively, For Which Three Sets Of Management Activities Become Essential.For An Efficient Management Of Irrigation Projects, The Role Of Organisation, Channels Of Communications, Patterns Of Influence, Lines Of Authority And Loyalty, Which Can Ensure Some Sort Of Efficiency, Equity And Social Jus¬Tice, Cannot Be Overemphasized. This Neces¬Sitates That Irrigation Management Must De¬Vote A Large Part Of Its Attention To Its Organi¬Sation.This Noble Objective Can Be Achieved Through An Interdisciplinary Approach To The Manage¬Ment And Organisation, Water Distribution, Crop¬Ping Pattern, Complementary Inputs, Land Re¬Forms, Fanners' Participation, Pricing Of Wa¬Ter And Energy, Economic And Financial Evalu¬Ation, Institutional Needs, Command Area De¬Velopment Etc. This Could Be Possible Through The Structuring Of Individuals And Functions Into Productive Relationships In An Organisation. This Book Addresses To This Crucial But Ne¬Glected Element In The Equation Of Efficient Irrigation Management. It Starts From The Premise That Irrigation Management Is Best Regarded As A Socio-Technical Enterprise, Where The Human Dimension Interacts With The Physical And Technical Ones. The Book Thus Covers A Series Of Organizational Variables And Human Behaviour Backed With Critical Inputs, Insti¬Tutional Needs And Services.