ISBN 9780071077934,Management And Organisational Behaviour

Management And Organisational Behaviour



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071077934

ISBN-10 0071077936


Number of Pages 796 Pages
Language (English)


This book discusses the fundamental concepts of management and organisational behaviour in an integrated manner. With appropriate examples and rich pedagogy, it serves as a student-friendly text-book for various courses in commerce and management stream. It will also be useful for students in other streams having a course on these areas. Salient Features Covers all the basic concepts of Management & OB Short and crisp presentation of theory for easy retention. Real-life examples and cases for easy comprehension Figures, diagrams, and tables as illustrations Rich chapter-end features for practice and revision TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction to Management 2 Schools of Management Thought 3 Introduction to Strategic Management 4 Fundamentals of Planning 5 Forecasting and Decision-making 6 Fundamentals of Organising and Organisation Theories 7 Delegation and Decentralisation 8 Types of Organisation Structure 9 Staffing (Human Resource Management) 10 Directing and Coordinating 11 Controlling (Managerial Control) 12 Functional Areas of Management: Basic Principles 13 Emerging Issues and New Developments in Management 14 Introduction to Organisational Behaviour 15 Historical Background and Evolution of OB 16 Organisational Structure, Climate, and Culture 17 Dynamics of Individual Behaviour 18 Dynamics of Groups and Teams 19 Motivation and Morale 20 Theories of Motivation 21 Leadership 22 Stress and Conflict 23 Managing Change 24 Communication, and Power and Politics in Organisation 25 Positive Organisational Behaviour 26 Managing Performance by Job Design Model Question Paper Index