ISBN 9780340761250,Management and Prevention of Thrombosis in Primary Care

Management and Prevention of Thrombosis in Primary Care



Hanley & Belfus

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780340761250

ISBN-10 0340761253


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

The clinical management of patients who have had thromboembolytic events, or are at risk of such events occurring, is a common challenge for general practitioners, primary care physicians and clinicians working in out patient-based anticoagulation clinics. This book is presented in a well-organized and practical format to assist these individuals in everyday practice. Chapters written by both specialists and generalists, cover a wide range of issues in thrombosis and have been pitched at a level entirely appropriate for the general or primary care physician. Initial chapters describe the underlying mechanisms of clotting, and discuss the specific problems relating to hereditary or acquired clotting disorders. Subsequent chapters cover in detail the current therapies for treatment and prevention of thrombosis, including unfractionated and low-molecular weight herapin, warfarin and various anti-platelet agents. Complications are covered separately, as is the antithrombotic management of patients with cardiac or venous disease. In addition, important consideration is given to other common problems facing the physician in the clinical situation such as the management of patients with chronic anticoagulation requiring an invasive procedure and the set-up and running of an anticoagulation service. With a focused, manual style and structured approach, Management and Prevention of Thrombosis in Primary Care will be an invaluable addition to the bookshelves of all primary care physicians, and will be referred to frequently in the anti-coagulation clinic.