ISBN 9788130930664,Management Briefs: Bullying & Harassment

Management Briefs: Bullying & Harassment


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Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788130930664

ISBN-10 8130930668

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Number of Pages 104 Pages
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Harassment law

Table of Contents: 
Chapter 1: Introduction • Definitions • Dignity and Respect • Bullying and Harassment • Sexual Harassment • Rights of Natural Justice • Empowering those feeling bullied or harassed • Best Practice Responses Chapter 2: Typical Bullying Behaviour in Organisations• Bullies explore and exploit weakness • Guises of Bullying • Examples of bullying behaviour types of abuse • Proactive Managerial Responsibilities • Corporate governance • Encouraging a ‘speaking up’ climate Chapter 3: Harassment & Sexual Harassment• Possible grounds of Discrimination • Harassment mediums and channels • Examples of Harassment behaviours • Example of Sexual Harassment behaviours Chapter 4: Victim Perspectives and Feelings• Understanding Victim perspectives • Intention and Impact • Understanding intensity of emotions • Conflict resolution styles • Questioning techniques for better understanding Chapter 5: Standing up for Oneself • Providing a climate • 5 Assertive steps to ‘standing up’ • Assessing the situation • Planning an approach to the bully • Confronting the bully in a calm manner • Agreeing values to shape subsequent behaviours • Reviewing the on-going situation Chapter 6: Initial Responses: Best Practice for Managers• Listening with empathy • Useful forms of words to use • Keeping the process informal • Coaching the victim to address the issues with the alleged perpetrator • Exploring agreement on a way forward • Mediation Chapter 7: Mediation Processes• Agreement on a mediator • Terms of Reference • Skills of a good mediator • Sample Mediation process • Building trust • Searching for common ground • Agreeing Values and acceptable on-going behaviours • Review of ongoing relationships Chapter 8: Formal Investigations• Appointment of Investigator • Structure of an Investigation • Sample Investigation procedure • Investigation tips for complainants • Investigation tips for respondents • Representation • Role of Investigation Manager Chapter 9: Best Practice Procedures • The 7 Ps • Having the right Policies in place • Clear Procedures for grievance and dignity at work • Good Protocols in place to aid conflict resolution • Sound Organisation Practices • People should be at the core of processes • Places chosen to provide for privacy • Prevention tools for managers Chapter 10: Establishing a Culture of Dignity at Work• Role of Senior Management in making Dignity and Respect a priority • Focus on values • Sample set of Values/Behaviours • Putting the enabling conditions in place • Workshops • Celebrating Diversity Chapter 11: Conclusion • Empathy and care • Informal mode • Local level resolution where possible • Best practice at all stages