ISBN 9788130930671,Management Briefs: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) : A Leadership Imperative

Management Briefs: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) : A Leadership Imperative


Daire Coffey


Viva Books



Viva Books

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788130930671

ISBN-10 8130930676

Paper Back

Number of Pages 120 Pages
Language (English)

Business & managemen

Table of Contents: 
Section I: Introduction to the Concept of EQ Chapter 1: What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Why Does it Matter? So What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? • EQ is Not a New Concept • Why EQ Matters More Than Ever • EQ and IQ Complement Each Other • Dispelling the Myths about EQ • EQ Can be Learned and Developed! Chapter 2: The Power of Emotions What are Emotions? • Why We Need to ‘Tune in’ to Them • The ‘Emotional’ and ‘Thinking’ Brain • Emotional ‘Hijacking’ • Rewiring the Brain to Develop New Behaviours! Chapter 3: Why is EQ so Critical for Today’s Leader? Challenges Facing Today’s Leader • A New Style of Leadership Beckons • Adapting your Leadership Style: ‘Choosing the Right Club for Each Shot!’ • Why EQ is Now an ‘Imperative’ for Effective Leadership • Emotional Capitalists - Creating Competitive Advantage Section II: The Two Pillars of EQ Success - Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness Chapter 4: Personal Effectiveness - Knowing and Managing Self Self-Awareness: ‘Tuning in to your thoughts, feelings and motivations’ • Self-Confidence: ‘Being self-assured and comfortable in your own skin’ • Self-Reliance: ‘The buck stops with you!’ • Self-Actualisation: ‘Being self-motivated to achieve your full potential’ • Self-Control: ‘Staying calm and controlled under pressure’ • Flexibility: ‘Being open and responsive to change’ • Optimism and Resilience: ‘Adopting a positive mindset even in the face of setbacks’ Chapter 5: Interpersonal Effectiveness - Relating to Others Empathy: ‘Stepping into someone else’s shoes’ • Relationship Skills: ‘Developing and enhancing relationships’ • Assertiveness: ‘Respectfully getting your point across’ Section III: Taking Action to Become a More Effective Leader Chapter 6: Your EQ Development Plan and Tips for Staying on Track! Key Success Factors for Positive Change! • EQ Assessments and Their Benefits • Your Five Step EQ Self-Assessment and Development Plan • 10 Silver Bullets to Keep You on Track! Chapter 7: EQ Toolkit & Further Resources A Sample ECR Report: John Sample • Self-Reliance: Where is your ‘Locus of Control?’ • The Wheel of Life: Taking a Helicopter View of Your Work/Life Balance • Your Values Audit: Establishing What is Really Important to You • Learning your ABCs: Reframing Negative Perceptions • ANTS to CATS: Keeping the Weeds out of Your Garden • Your ‘Trophy Room’: A Confidence-boosting Resource • Recommended Reading and Further Resources