ISBN 9789350180020,Management Secrets For Personal Glory In Life

Management Secrets For Personal Glory In Life



Readworthy Publications (P) Ltd.

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789350180020

ISBN-10 9350180022


Number of Pages 230 Pages
Language (English)

Personal Growth

In this world of cut-throat competition, everyone wants to be ahead in the race of life, trying to prove him or her better than others. And it is not possible until one builds one's own individual personality. This book tries to unveil the major contours of personality development. Based on the authors' own experiences and the philosophy which they have developed by their interaction with others, it gives all-round view of the personality traits, theories and measures to improve one's self, based on one's own understanding of his/her strengths and weaknesses. About the Author J. N. Govil - a well-known agricultural sceintist, is presently the Publishing Director and Managing Editor with Studium Press LLC, USA. Earlier he was with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. Also, he is Editor-in Chief of New Botanist and Glimpses in Plant Research. Besides having more than 80 research papers to his credit, published in various national and international journals of repute, Dr. Govil has authored many acclaimed books. Sheetal Jain - is a well-known Motivational Trainer. An MBA from IIPM, New Delhi, she has been working in the field of human functioning and self-improvement for over eight year. She conducts training workshops for MBAs and corporates. She has worked with companies like Oracle and Accenture. Presently she is Marketing and Operations Head of a Flying School. Table of Contents What is Your Goal? Self Worth Virtues of Good Behaviour Happiness is How We Believe it to Be Selfishness is by You, of Yourself and for Yourself Courage is the Vigor of Heart Which We Gather You are Never Wrong to Choose a Path until you Wrong Yourself Beauty is the Perception of Eyes Which They Define Importance of Aura in Personality Development How Should I Carry Myself? Personality and Development How to Influence People Learning Process