ISBN 9788172682330,Management Thoughts for Justice Administration

Management Thoughts for Justice Administration


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ISBN 9788172682330
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ISBN 9788172682330

Logos Press

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788172682330

ISBN-10 8172682336


Number of Pages 490 Pages
Language (English)

Criminal justice law

About the Book - Criminal justice system in India is in disarray - say many concerned citizens of the country. Criticisms are plenty against all sub-systems of justice administration. The services rendered by each one of them are qualitatively poor and the integrity of the personnel involved in the administration of criminal justice is at best suspicious. The idols are crumbling down and there is a nation-wide cry and demand to set everything right. Even the judiciary which includes the Bench and the Bar needs correction to move with an upright conscience to the right direction. The book has chapters for police, lawyers (prosecutors and defence counsels), judges, jail officials, personnel involved in after-care services, media and public in addition to chapters on crime and criminals/crime-doers. Each chapter contains nearly or more than 200 management thoughts. The events, issues, illustrations and incidents narrated in every chapter make the management thoughts more meaningful and thought provoking. The experience of the author as a criminologist, teacher, trainer, researcher and a practising lawyer has made the management thoughts academic and practical-yes, the principles in theory are made into principles in practice. The book will be a guide and philosopher for all who love justice, administer justice, execute justice, adjudicate on justice and finally to reintegrate crime-doers to society back to live as law abiding citizens. About Author - Dr. James Vadackumchery is B.A. (Criminology), M.A. (Criminology), LL.B. (Law) and Ph. D (Criminal Justice). He is married to Mary and has two daughters, Neethu and Neethie. Dr. Vadackumchery is and eminent criminologist whose achievements are honoured within the pages of the DICTIONARY OF INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHY, 28th edition of the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England. As an author of 45 authentic and authoritative books on police, crime and justice; an author of hundreds of articles and study reports published in national dailies and professional journals of repute; a sought after speaker and an expert for institutions and media on criminological issues, he telecasts in T.V. networks-both national and international. He is a visiting member on the Faculty of many Staff Training Colleges of nationalized and scheduled banks all over the Country. He is presently working on the Faculty of the State Police Training College, Thiruvananthapuram.