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Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070700789

ISBN-10 0070700788


Edition 9th
Number of Pages 764 Pages
Language (English)


The primary goal of this book is to teach students the economic way of thinking about business decisions. Managerial Economics develops critical skills and provides students with a logical way of analyzing business decisions. Salient Features Government regulation of business. This new chapter explains the basic rationale for government regulation as a means of achieving social economic efficiency when market fails Consumer and Producer Surplus: This topic has been included to teach students to measure the value of market exchange Advanced Pricing decisions First, second and third degree price discrimination methods has been compared with uniform pricing. TABLE OF CONTENTS Part I : Basics of economics 1. The Central Concepts of Economics 2. The Modern Mixed Economy 3. Basic Elements of Supply & Demand Part II: Microeconomics : Supply, Demand and Product Market 4. Supply & Demand : Elasticity & Applications 5. Demand & Consumer Behavior 6. Production & Business Analysis 7. Analysis of Cost 8. Analysis of Perfectly Competitive Markets 9. Imperfect Competition and Monopoly 10. Competition among the Few 11. Economics of Uncertainty Part III: Factor Markets : Labor, Land and Capital 12. How Markets Determine Incomes 13. The Labour Market 14. Land, Natural Resources and the Environment 15. Capital, Interest and Profits Part IV: Applications of Economic Principles 16. Government Taxation and Expenditure 17. Efficiency vs Equity : The Big Trade off 18. International Trade Part V: Macroeconomics: Economic Growth and Business 19. Overview of Macroeconomics 20. Measuring Economic Activity 21: Consumption & Investment 22: Business Cycles and Aggregate Demand 23. Money and the Financial Sys 24. Monetary Policy and the Economy Part VI : Growth Dev and the Global Economy 25. Economic Growth 26. The Challenge of Economic Dev 27. Exchange Rates and International Fin Sys 28. Open-Economy Macroeconomics Part VII : Unemployment, Inflation and Economic Policy 29. Unemployment and the Foundations of Aggregate Supply Inflation Frontiers of macroeconomics