ISBN 9780071078030,Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics



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Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071078030

ISBN-10 0071078037


Number of Pages 656 Pages
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This new and updated edition of the book builds upon the content of the previous edition and strengthens the coverage of macroeconomic aspects. With two new chapters, new cases, and exercises, it will now be more useful for the students of business management. TABLE OF CONTENTS Part 1 Introduction 1. Basic Concepts and Principles 2. Theory of Firm Part 2 Theory of Demand: Consumer Behavior 3. Demand and Supply Analysis 4. Consumer Preferences and Choice 5. Elasticity of Demand 6. Demand Forecasting Part 3 Theory of Production and Cost 7. Production Theory 8. Cost Concepts Part 4 Market Structure and Market Morphology 9. Perfect Competition 10. Monopoly 11. Monopolistic Competition 12. Oligopoly 13. Choice Under Uncertainty and Game Theory Part 5 Pricing Decisions 14. Product Pricing 15. Input Pricing 16. Financial Evaluation of Projects Part 6 Macroeconomic Aspects of Managerial Decisions 17. Macroeconomic Phenomena 18. National Income 19. Money Supply and Inflation 20. Business Cycles References Index