ISBN 9781422125892,Managing Global Innovation: Frameworks For Integrating Capabilities Around The World

Managing Global Innovation: Frameworks For Integrating Capabilities Around The World



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781422125892

ISBN-10 1422125890

Hard Back

Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


Powerful, practical frameworks for managing your global innovation network. In the past, your company could rely on a handful of resources close to its home markets to innovate new offerings. But today, knowledge and other resources critical to your innovation efforts lie outside your company's home territories--sometimes far outside. And this distance makes it harder than ever to obtain and integrate these resources, eating away at your competitive edge. How to surmount this challenge? In this practical new book, Yves Doz and integrating innovation-critical knowledge from multiple far-flung sources. You'll learn to Optimize your innovation footprint--by understanding where you need to locate your overseas innovation activities, extracting maximum value fromeach site, and gaining access to capabilities and knowledge without having to establish costly sites. Optimize communication and receptivity--by understanding and breaking down barriers to both among your sites. Optimize collaboration to succeed globally--by better managing external collaboration as well as internal global projects to drive innovations through their three critical phases: identification, definition, and delivery. Bridging theory and practice, Managing Global Innovation gives you the know-how and the tools you need to harness critical expertise from around the globe and channel it into your innovation programs. About the Author Yves Doz is the Solvay Chaired Professor of Technological Innovation at INSEAD. He is the co-author, with Jose Santos and Peter Williamson, of From Global to Metanational: How Companies Win in the Knowledge Economy. Keeley Wilson is a senior research fellow at INSEAD