ISBN 9788170494713,Managing India's Security Challenges

Managing India's Security Challenges


Manas Publications



Manas Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788170494713

ISBN-10 8170494710

Hard Back

Language (English)

History & Politics

By no account is this book a rigorous study of the past and present military history of India. The aim is to cover a wide canvas illustrating the rich and glorious past of our ancestors martial lineage and evolution of higher decision-making structure of our national security apparatus. It is a book written by a layman for the layman. Towards this end, the author has refrained from using any fancy jargon and terminology and tried to put across our past and present as he observes it. The purpose is to raise awareness and inquisitiveness in the reader. The book is divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 is essentially an introduction which covers important terminologies of foreign policy, national interests and power. Chapter 2 covers the armed forces and national decision-making structures from Vedic age till Independence. Chapter 3 is devoted to the evolution of our armed forces and decision-making apparatus post-independence. The national decision-making structures of China, UK and USA including important reforms carried out by these countries like Goldwater Nichols reforms are also briefed in this chapter. Chapter 4 covers the emerging environmental scan of global political, social, economic, energy and security situation till 2020 AD. Lastly, Chapter 5 gives certain recommendations for reforming our national security decision-making structures. At the end some frequently asked questions with their answers, have been added.