ISBN 9780749452612,Managing Knowledge Security: Strategies for protecting your company’s intellectual assets

Managing Knowledge Security: Strategies for protecting your company’s intellectual assets


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Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780749452612

ISBN-10 0749452617

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Number of Pages 224 Pages
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Business & management

Most businesses are familiar with cyber-crime from the many high-profile news articles appearing in recent years. However, the majority of today's security breaches aren't a result of sophisticated hacker activity, but spring instead from careless organizational practices, asset misuse, or the behaviour of employees.

Whether the asset is market experience itself, intellectual property or competitive intelligence, you can be sure that someone somewhere, is interested in knowing what you know. Managing Knowledge Security provides an in-depth assessment of current trends in knowledge security and shows exactly what can be done to counter both careless and deliberately rogue activities.

Starting with the employees themselves, the author discusses knowledge misuse, sloppiness and leaks - accidental or otherwise - before turning his attention to the knowledge losses that can occur as a result of information and communication technologies. Subsequent chapters discuss physical security, in the contexts of strategic alliances and crises - both natural (hurricanes, fires, etc) and human (terrorism, war, etc).

Whether you are a newcomer to the field and are only just recognizing the scale of the issues involved, or you're already engaged in crafting intellectual asset security pro-grammes, this book will provide you with critical tools with which to view, understand and implement the most effective protection strategies for your organization.

The protection of a company's intellectual property would rank highly on most companies' list of corporate priorities, but many organizations - when actually tested by a crisis - show themselves to be woefully unprepared in terms of response, contingency or recovery.

Managing Knowledge Security is a comprehensive reference work that details how to secure both the physical and intangible assets owned by a business. Citing international examples such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft. Google, Boeing and Amazon, Kevin Desouza covers all aspects of knowledge protection - from employee retention strategies to physical security and how to respond to unexpected crises.

Whatever the size of your organization, knowledge security has to be a key issue for any manager. Managing Knowledge Security will prove to be an invaluable road map for both the management and protection of your company's most valuable assets.

About The Author
Kevin C Desouza is on the faculty of the Information School at the University of Washington. He serves as the Director of the Institute for National Security Education and Research and is also Director and founding faculty member of the Institute for Innovation in Information Management, both housed at the University of Washington.

Table of Contents
The basics
The human stain
Technology hiccups
When friends become liabilities
Guarding the fortress
From abnormalities to crises
Securing your intellectual assets

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