ISBN 9781422131657,Managing The Older Worker

Managing The Older Worker





Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9781422131657

ISBN-10 1422131653


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


Your organization needs older workers more than ever: They transfer knowledge between generations, transmit your company's values to new hires, make excellent mentors for younger employees, and provide a "just in time" workforce for special projects. Yet more of these workers are reporting to people younger than they are. This presents unfamiliar challenges that--if ignored--can prevent you from attracting, retaining, and engaging older employees. In Managing the Older Worker, Peter Cappelli and William Novelli explain how companies and younger managers can maximize the value provided by older workers. The key? Recognize that boomers' needs differ from younger generations - and adapt your management practices accordingly. For instance: ? Lead with mission: As employees age, they become more altruistic. Emphasize the positive impact of older workers' efforts on the world around them. ? Forge social connections: Many older employees keep working to maintain social relationships. Offer tasks that require interaction with others. ? Provide different benefits: Tailor benefits--such as elder-care insurance programs or discount medication--to older workers' interests. Drawing on research in management, psychology, and other disciplines, Managing the Older Worker reveals who your older workers are, what they want, and how to manage them for maximum value. Addressing an important topic that nearly all companies are grappling with today and will increasingly face in the future, Cappelli and Novelli's Managing the Older Worker will become the cornerstone of the HR and management literature on this topic - the must-have resource for all organizations and managers dealing with these issues.