ISBN 9781422129661,Managing Your Career in a Downturn

Managing Your Career in a Downturn



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781422129661

ISBN-10 1422129667

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Number of Pages 262 Pages
Language (English)

Careers guidance

Though the instability in the market makes it seem like everything has changed. But when it comes to your career the same rules still apply. You have to actively manage your career path in order to get what you want at work. This book reinforces the fundamentals of every manager needs to know. The Skills You Need Today collection features concise and handy guides to developing the critical skills managers need the most in challenging times. Packed with real-life examples, self-tests, and practical advice from the world?s top business leaders, Skills You Need Today will help you survive?and thrive?in the economic downturn. Table of Contents Introduction Part I Shaping Your Career What Does Shaping Your Career Mean? Taking Charge of Your Career Knowing Yourself Understanding Business Interests Clarifying Your Work Reward Values Assessing Your Skills Finding Developmental Opportunities Helping Others Manage Their Careers Part II Managing Stress Overload and Toxic Worry Positive Stress and Productive Worry Assessing Your Stress Level Taking Charge of Stress Turning Worry into Action Connecting with Others Connecting with Yourself Letting Your Body Help You Relieve Stress Practicing Good Stress Habits Part III Managing Time How to Look at the Big Picture How to Audit Your Time How to Develop Your Plan How to Time-Box How to Manage Your Time How to Overcome Obstacles How to Develop Good Time-Management Habits