ISBN 9789382591399,Manapoorvak Khushwant

Manapoorvak Khushwant


Rohan Prakashan



Rohan Prakashan

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382591399

ISBN-10 9382591397

Paper Back

Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (Marathi)

Literature fiction

Khushwant Singh has been witness to almost all the major events in modern Indian history and has known most of the figures who have shaped it. In a career spanning over six decades as writer, editor and journalist, his views have been provocative and controversial, but they have also been profound, deeply perceptive and always compelling. Khushwant Singh has never been less than honest. In this book, He tells us about his life, his loves and his work. He writes on happiness, faith and honesty. And for the first time, about his successes and failures, his strengths and weaknesses, his highs and lows, he confesses his deepest fears and what he holds dear. He writes about sex, marriage, worship and death the people he admired and detested. With personal anecdotes and rare photographs, Absolute Khushwant is uncompromising, moving and straight from the heart