ISBN 9780747591795,Manil Suri: Age Of Shiva

Manil Suri: Age Of Shiva


Manil Suri



Bloomsbury Publishing

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780747591795

ISBN-10 0747591792

Hard Back

Number of Pages 453 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

The Age Of Shiva revolves around Meera Sawhney and her family who settled in India after independence. Meera and her older sister Roopa have grown up in India. Now, Roopa and Meera have both fallen for the same man. Dev is from a poor family, the son of a railyard worker. But he has talent, he is an aspiring singer. His crooning voice enthralls young girls, and the Sawhney girls also fall under his spell. Dev himself is attracted to the older and very beautiful Roopa. But Meera is determined and she manages to lure Dev away from her sister, and marries him. Her father does not approve of the marriage, but it does not stop Meera. Meera's father is a publisher, successful and wealthy. He is portrayed as a progressive man who rejects tradition. He is shocked because Meera has married into a family that is steeped in religious beliefs and traditions. Meera is slowly disillusioned too, as Dev gets drunk every day, and her dreams of romance turn to ashes. Her mother-in-law is extremely orthodox and expects her daughter-in-law to follow suit. Meera finds it hard to live with her in-laws. The only member of the household she can get along with is her sister-in-law, Sandhya. When Dev decides to move to Mumbai and try for a singing career in Hindi films, she is delighted, thinking it might be the saving of their relationship. But she is disappointed in this too. The Age Of Shiva is written in the first person. It is narrated by Meera herself, to her young son Ashvin, who proves to be her redemption. About Manil Suri Manil Suri is an Indian-born writer and mathematician. He has also written two other novels, The City of Devi and The Death of Vishnu. Manil Suri was born in 1959 in Mumbai. He is the son of a Bollywood music director, R. L. Suri. Manil Suri studied at Carnegie Mellon University and earned a Ph.D in mathematics. He then became a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Maryland. His first published novel was The Death of Vishnu, which deals with the turmoil of life in an apartment building in Mumbai. This novel earned for its author the PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize in 2002