ISBN 9780632043651,Manual Of Perioperative Care In Cardiac Surgery

Manual Of Perioperative Care In Cardiac Surgery


John Wiley & Sons



John Wiley & Sons

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9780632043651

ISBN-10 0632043652

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Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 624 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering: general


Part I Adult Cardiac Surgery:

1. Synopsis of Adult Cardiac Surgical Disease;
2. Diagnostic Techniques in Cardiac Surgery;
3. General Preoperative Considerations and Preparation of the Patient for Surgery;
4. Preoperative Risk Assessment;
5. Intraoperative Considerations in Cardiac Surgery;
6. Admission of the ICU and Monitoring Techniques;
7. Early Postoperative Care: Basic Pathophysiology, Fast Track Protocols, and Common Scenarios;
8. Mediastinal Bleeding;
9. Respiratory Management;
10. Cardiovascular Management;
11. Fluid Management, Renal and Metabolic Problems;
12. Post-ICU Care and Other Complications;
13. Cardiac Transplantation;


1. Doses of Parenteral Medications Commonly Used in the ICU and Their Modifications in Renal Failure;
2. Doses of Oral Medications Commonly Used After Heart Surgery and Their Modifications in Renal Failure;
3. Enteral Tube Feedings Commonly Used in ICU Patients;
4. Elemental/Defined Enteral Tube Feedings;
5. Disease-Specific Enteral Tube Feedings;
6. International Normalized Ratios for Prothrombin Times;
7. Commonly Used Drugs That Interact with Warfarin (Coumadin);
8. Body Surface Area Nomogram for Adults;

Part II Pediatric Cardiac Surgery:

14. Synopsis of Congenital Heart Disease;
15. Preparation of the Pediatric Patient for Cardiac Surgery;
16. Postoperative Care in the Pediatric ICU;
17. Common Postoperative Scenarios;

1. Pediatric Drug Doses;
2. Body Surface Area Nomogram for Children