ISBN 9788120620346,Maqta': Zafar On Zafar

Maqta': Zafar On Zafar



Asian Educational Services

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788120620346

ISBN-10 8120620348


Number of Pages 118 Pages
Language (English, Hindi)

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Bahadur Shah Zafar (1775.1862) was the last Mughal King of India. When he was 82, the First War of ( Independence waned in 1857. After Delhi was recaptured by the British army on 14 September 1857, Zafar was captured and later tried by a military court on charges of treason and murder. Next year. he was exiled to Rangoon along with his wife Zioat Mahal and the remaining members of the family. He (languished) the last few years a his life in prison in an alien land, always yearning to return to his homeland. Zafar was an accomplished and prolific Urdu poet. Under his patronage Urdu poetry flourished and reached its zenith. It is said that This was a golden era of Urdu gbazal into which Ghalib introduced Philosophy, Zauq. Life, NIom in, Romance and Zafar, Tragedy. Zafar's poetry successfully captures the melancholy of his life and-discontents the contemporary slat of affairs, both social and political. In Urdu poetry glued is one of the most popular metrical compositions in which the Moor' (or the last couplet) is admittedly the dearest rhe'rof the poet, and hence the name of his series. This Malta 'vein, presented by Sanjay Gag, seeks to bridge the gap between the poetry of the Great j Urdu Masters and the milieu of its lovers, who had been separated by the language or the script barrier. Other forthcoming ii:les in this series include: Ghehb OP: Obalefr (Afirta Asadallah Khan 'Ch. M.). Akita on ambar (Syed Akbar Hussain 'Akbars Jiabahadi) and Jigar on figar (Ali Sikandar 'Jigar' Stoiadabadi). This book presents a 'den ion of one hundred manta's of Bahador Shah 'Zafar. chosen from his choicest Outsells. In this unique anthology. Zan' amid be seen addressing himself occasionally as a critic, sometimes as a sympathizer and a counselor. and yet some other images as his own eulogizer. On the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of India's First War of Independence, this book presents a poetic tribute to its immortal martyrs. About the Author Sanjy Garg (b. 1965) is a numismatist of international repute. His love for Urdu poetry maned as a hobby. developed into a passion and soon became an obsession. He had been composing Urdu poetry right from his college days. His published works include an edited and annotated version of Jog/name (Delhi. NCO a rare composition of the famous Urdu poet Nazeer Akbarabadi (1735-1833). His Hindi 4 translation of C2uagh4 Day (the Temple Lamps) the famous Persian Magnin composed by Mifla Ghalib (17971869) in the praise of Banarn is under print.