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McGraw Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070151567

ISBN-10 0070151563


Edition 14th
Number of Pages 904 Pages
Language (English)

Management Studies

This completely updated edition of the well-known text book on Marketing attempts to make the discussion contemporary. It features in-text and boxed examples that highlight global issues, ethics, and applied decision making. Other themes integrated within the text include technology, global marketing, customer relationship management, small business, and entrepreneurship. This special Indian edition adds local flavour to the text, making it even more interesting for the students and practitioners of marketing in India.

Salient Features

New Chapter on Global Markets and Marketing
Marketing practices in the Indian context
Emphasizing the similarities as well as the differences between consumer and business marketing
Role of technology (Internet) is reflected
Discussion on Rural Marketing

Table of Contents
Part One: Nature And Scope Of Marketing

1. The Field of Marketing
2. The Dynamic Marketing Environment
3. Global Markets and Marketing

Part Two: Identifying And Selecting Markets

4. Consumer Markets and Buying Behavior
5. Business Markets and Buying Behavior
6. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
7. Marketing Research and Market Information

Part Three: Product

8. Product Planning and Development
9. Product - mix Strategies
10. Brands, Packaging and Other Product Features
11. Services Marketing

Part Four: Price

12. Price Determination
13. Pricing Strategies
Part Five: Distribution
14. Channels of Distribution
15. Retailing
16. Wholesaling and Physical Distribution

Part Six: Promotion

17. Integrated Marketing Communications
18. Personal Selling and Sales Management
19. Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public Relations

Part Seven: Managing The Marketing Effort

20. Strategic Marketing Planning
21. Marketing Implementation and Evaluation
22. Marketing and the Information Economy

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