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Tata McGraw Hill Education

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070667112

ISBN-10 007066711X


Number of Pages 640 Pages
Language (English)


This is the first text published since the AMA introduced its new value-based definition of the word "Marketing," making it the most modern and forward thinking of all principles of marketing offerings. The motto, "Marketing Creates Value" permeates this text and is stressed through the main themes of entrepreneurship, service global marketing, and ethics. Feature Highlights ? This is the first new principles of marketing text written from the ground up using the AMA?s new definition of marketing, making it the most current text on the market. ? The Main themes of the text include, Value, Services, Global Marketing, Ethics and Entrepreneurship. ? Coverage of Ethics. Ethics has its own chapter (Ch. 3), plus boxed inserts called ?Ethical Dilemmas? and end of chapter applications. ? Coverage of Services. An entire chapter (Ch. 12) is dedicated to services marketing. The remaining chapters of the text are peppered with many services examples as well. ? Interactive Student Toolkit. Aids Experiential Learning and Assessment and in learning how to do marketing. This feature provides students with a hands on experience in working with the concepts of marketing. ? End of Chapter Material include a chapter summary, key terms, marketing application exercises instead of ?list and describe?-type questions and ?Net Savvy? exercises that direct students to the Internet to do reading/research, before answering thoughtful questions