ISBN 9780070144910,Marketing Management

Marketing Management



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780070144910

ISBN-10 0070144915


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 914 Pages
Language (English)


This edition on the well known text book on Marketing Management lives upto the promises of its earlier editions. Additionally, factoring in the market downturn of 2008-2009, it focuses on innovations required in product, processes and systems for effective marketing in difficult times for the customer as well as the marketer. Salient Features Discussion on contemporary developments in Indian and world markets Coverage on upcoming themes in marketing ? cause marketing, green marketing, experiential marketing Table of content :- Part One: The Marketing Environment 1. Marketing Management Today 2. The Customer 3. The Competition Part Two: Assembling the Marketing Toolbox 4. Marketing Planning 5. Marketing Research and Information Systems 6. Consumer Behaviour 7. Organisational Buying Behaviour 8. Segmenting and Targeting 9. Market Metrics and Demand Forecasting Part Three: Delivering Customer Value 10. Product Management 11. New Product Decisions 12. Brand Decisions 13. Pricing Decisions 14. Integrated Marketing Communications 15. Advertising Management 16. Sales Promotion 17. Personal Selling 18. Managing the Sales Force 19. Managing the Distribution Function 20. Retail Management 21. Direct Marketing Part Four: Creating Competitive Advantage 22. Marketing Strategy 23. Customer Relationship Management 24. Marketing Organisation 25. Marketing Performance and Control Part Five: Current Issues 26. Global Marketing 27. Customer Service 28. Service Marketing 29. Rural Marketing 30. Green Marketing Part Six: Cases 1. Nano A Dream Car for the Poor 2. Sunsilk Gang of Girls: Hindustan Lever Limited's Online Social Networking Initiative 3. Jago Re! One Billion People 4. Fabindia Fabric of India 5. Natural Ice cream 6. Western India Limited 7. HLL Juggernaut the Dilemma of Growth 8. Service Standardisation 9. L'oreal Building a Global Cosmetic Brand 10. Amway's Indian Network Marketing Experience

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