ISBN 9788120346697,Marketing Research

Marketing Research



PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788120346697

ISBN-10 8120346696


Number of Pages 264 Pages
Language (English)


Intended primarily as a text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Management, this compact yet comprehensive book discusses the multidimensional aspects of Marketing Research in an accessible manner.The book begins with an overview of marketing research, the type and scope of, and stages in marketing research, organization of marketing research in India, and research plan - its need, functions and types. Then it goes on to give a clear analysis of research design and its classification, descriptive and experimental research, as well as uses, methods and techniques in qualitative research. Besides, the book gives detailed description on marketing research process and attitude measurement, sampling methods and sample size determination, methods and techniques of data collection and data processing analysis. Finally, the book dwells on various statistical techniques, statistical packages, report writing, and different applications of marketing research in specific areas.Besides students, professionals engaged in marketing research would find the book very valuable. DISTINGUISHING FEATURES
Provides indepth analysis of identifying, gathering, analyzing and interpreting primary and secondary data. Gives many examples, which are interspersed throughout the book, to illustrate the concepts discussed. Provides caselets for a better understanding of the topics covered.

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