ISBN 9789339219116,Marketing Research

Marketing Research



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789339219116

ISBN-10 9339219112


Number of Pages 280 Pages
Language (English)


While all managers need not be experts in conducting research, all managers need to competently assess whether a research is worthy and whether the research findings can be used for making a decision. This is the basic premise - conducting research for decision-making which the book develops with new research and insight.

Written by an expert with years of academic practice and industry knowledge, this book
Covers different stages in the research process and the role of the user in the research process in detail.
Shows how the decision problem is converted into a research problem.
Provides frameworks for identifying the appropriate course of action at each stage of the research process helps one understand the logic of the mathematical analysis interprets the computer output and shows how to use it for decision-making.
Discusses the preprocessing required for the different data collection methods for multidimensional scaling includes checklist for accepting a research study and identifies the possible sources of error.
Provides case studies for different stages of the research process.
Includes comprehensive research proposals at the end of section 2 and comprehensive research studies at the end of the book.

Direct and hard-hitting, this book clearly addresses all practical concerns relating to understanding the basics of marketing research and developing the competency of the user to ensure valid results for decision-making. Meant for management students and marketing professionals, this easy-to-read and profusely illustrated book will reach out to anybody keen on understanding the nuances of marketing research.