ISBN 9788187671732,Marrying Off Mother

Marrying Off Mother



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788187671732

ISBN-10 8187671734


Number of Pages 175 Pages
Language (English)

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I wonder whether passion flowers would look nice on that east wall,? said mother, looking up from her seed catalogue. ?They are so pretty. I can imagine the east wall just covered with passion flowers, can't you?? ?We could do with a bit of passion around here,? said Larry. ?Just recently, the place has been as chaste as a nunnery.? ?I don't see what passion flowers have got to do with nuns,? said mother. Larry sighed and gathered up his mail. ?Why don't you get married again?? he suggested. ?You?ve been looking awfully wilted lately, rather like an overworked nun.? ?Indeed I haven?t,? said Mother indignantly. ?You?re looking sort of shrewish and spinsterish,? said Larry. ?And all this mooning about passion flowers. It?s very Freudian .Obviously what you want is a dollop of romance in your life. Get married again.? ?What rubbish you talk, Larry,? said my mother, bridling. ?Get married again! What nonsense! Your father would never allow it.? About the Author Gerald Durrell Born in Jamshedpur, India, Gerald Durrell's family settled on the island of Corfu. Durrell founded the Jersey Zoological Park and the Preservation Trust. He was also awarded the OBE for his services to conservation.