ISBN 9789350230817,Marvels Of Indian Snacks

Marvels Of Indian Snacks



Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789350230817

ISBN-10 935023081X


Number of Pages 264 Pages
Language (English)

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Marvels of Indian Snacks is my third book in the series on culinary items. Based on the encouragement received from my earlier two books, "Marvels of South Indian Cuisine" and "Marvels of North Indian Cuisine", I have written this book. The book has been designed to suit the needs of cross section of people across different regions, age groups and of course different occasions viz. festivals, picnics, travel etc. The book contains Sections on snacks for kids, snacks for children's lunch box, snacks for breakfast, instant snacks, snacks for guests, snacks for picnic and outings, snacks for festivals, snacks for the evenings etc. It is felt that the book would serve as an invaluable guide not only for home makers but also for amateurs in kitchen domain to prepare mouth watering snacks to the satisfaction of everyone. The items given in this book have been prepared by the author and relished by the family members, friends and relatives. I hope that you will also enjoy the snacks. About the Author Mrs. Meena Shankaran is a Post Graduate in History and a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Computer Applications (PGDCA) and Diploma in Computer Management . She also is a diploma holder in Homoeopathy, Magneto therapy, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Art of Living. She has conducted a Hindi program titled "Jal Ka Samasya Aur Samadhan" on All India Radio, Chennai. She also got an opportunity for 15 days program in All India Radio, Chennai in Tamil regarding the preparation of recipes. She had an opportunity to associate herself with "Jaya Television" (one of the Tamil T.V. Channel) in connection with a program on "entrepreneurial skills of women" in the year 1999. For the past 4 years, the author has started writing stories, articles, travelogues, jokes, recipes, real incidents, experiences, poems etc. and they are published in various Tamil magazines like "Mangayar Malar", "Kumudam Snehidhi", "Rani", "Devi", "Aval Vikatan", "Thanga Mangai", "Dina Malar", "Kalkandu", "Vasukhi", etc. Recently, she prepared "30 recipes for 30 days" as side dish for Roti/Puri etc. which was photographed and published in a leading tamil magazine viz., "Aval Vikatan" dated 01st February, 2008. She has written a Tamil recipe book which contains 220 North Indian dishes. The response for this book inspired her to write a recipe book in English also. Table of Contents A) SNACKS FOR CHILDREN'S LUNCH BOX Bread Roll Noodles Cutlet Whole Green Gram Tasty Oats Sandwich Oats - Cherry - Bun Dry Fruits Chikki Colourful Sandwich Coconut Sweet Rolls Date Sandwich Murmure Laddu Dry Fruit Modak Roasted Bengal Gram Laddu B) SNACKS WITH COFFEE/TEA French Fries Vegetable Cutlet Carom Seeds Biscuit Chivda Potato Chips Cornflakes Mixture 'Thattai' Salt 'Seedai' Plantain Chips Bengal Gram 'Sundal' Sprouted Green Gram 'Sundal' Mixture Wheat Biscuit C) SNACKS FOR EVENING Potato Bonda Dry Peas Chaat Vegetable Samosa Vegetable Pakodi Cornflour Pakodi Chilly Cheese Toast Multi Choice Bajji Cauliflower Cutlet Bhel Puri (With Sprouted Grams) Cheese Cutlet Khasta Puri Sabudana Cutlet Carrot Vada Tamarind Chooda Coconut Chooda Vegetable Modak Potato 'Poli' D) SNACKS FOR KIDS Quick Bread Snack Masala Noodles Potato - Coconut Cutlet Pani Puri Masala Macroni Aaloo - chana chaat American Easy Sandwich Bread Chooda Groundnut Laddu Chooda Laddu Green Gram Flour Laddu Deep Fried Sweet Modak Sweet Moong All Gram Laddu E) SNACKS FOR GUESTS Potato Chaat Paneer Pakoda Pav Bhaji Cheese Puri Dry Fruits Vada Dry Fruits Samosa Cashewnut Pakodi Capsicum Noodles Semolina (Sooji) Kichadi Mangalore 'Bonda' Cheese (Paneer) Roast Cashew - Masala Pakodi Green Peas 'Poli' Vegetable Somas Curd Pakodi Pineapple Pudding Sweet Potato Cutlet F) SNACKS FOR FESTIVALS Chestnut Pakodi Puran 'Poli' Pista Sandesh Til Burfi Sweet Chooda 'Adirsam' Jaggery 'Seedai' Wheat 'Appam' 'Suyyan' Jackfruit Halwa Puran Modak Til Modak Ksheera Urad-ka-modak Sweet Somas Cashew-coconut (Sweet) 'Adai' Groundnut-coconut (Salt) 'Adai' 'Manoharam' 'Khali' G) SNACKS FOR PICNIC Khasta Dal Kachodi Besan Laddu Motichoor Laddu Coconut Laddu Dry Fruits Mixture Curd Badushah Date-fig-laddu Sweet 'Sev' Spicy 'Sev' 'Omapodi' (Bhujiya) Dal Mixture Tape 'Murukku' Kaju - besan burfi H) SNACKS FOR JOURNEY Dokhla Sago Puri Potato Mixture (Sweet) Semolina (Sooji) Laddu Gathiya Matti Chooda Mix Wheat Snacks Surprise Mini Sweet Wheat Surprise Cashew-groundnut-burfi Butter 'Seedai' Sweet Mini Puri 'Mullu Murukku' Butter 'Murukku' 'Karaboondi' I) INSTANT SNACKS Instant Vada Instant Sweet Chooda Instant Salt Chooda Easy Bread Snack A Quick Snack Moori-in-minutes Instant Milk 'Poli' Green Gram 'Sundal' Dry Peas 'Sundal' Chick Peas (Kabuli Chana) 'Sundal' Mixed Instant Sandwich Vermicelli 'Kesari' J) SNACKS FOR PARTY Tri-dal Vada Badushah Laung Lata Chum-Chum Kala Jamun Cashew Vada Cashewnut Laddu Almond Halwa Saffron Halwa Carrot Halwa Sabudana Vada Kasi Halwa Masala Puri K) FOR BREAKFAST Onion Chooda Chaas-ka-upma Multi Colour Dosa All Gram 'Adai' 'Pesarattu' 'Sevai' With Milk Lemon 'Sevai' Coconut 'Sevai' Sweet 'Sevai' Curd 'Sevai' Usily 'Sevai' Til 'Sevai' All-in-one Dosa Upma-ka-Tikki Rice Upma Rice Flour Upma 'Puttu' 'Idiyappam' "Thavalai Adai"