ISBN 9780198079514,Marxism and Anthropology

Marxism and Anthropology


Maurice Bloch


Aakar Books



Aakar Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780198079514

ISBN-10 0198079516


Number of Pages 180 Pages
Language (English)


Praised for its clear-headedness and common sense (London Review of Books), this book is an introduction to the uses made of anthropology by Marx and Engels, and the uses made of Marxism by anthropologists. Maurice Bloch begins by using our present knowledge to evaluate the writings of Marx and Engels on primitive societies. He goes on to discuss the anthropological theories of the immediate successors to Marx and Engels, and assesses the significance of the fact that the only work available to them was Engels s The Origin of Private Property, the Family and the State. He then examines the gradual reintroduction of Marxist concepts in American, British, and French anthropology. He relates how anthropologists have turned away from the theories of primitive societies developed by Marx and Engels, and have instead explained the workings of pre-capitalist societies in the light of Marxist theories of Capitalism. About The Author Maurice Bloch is Professor of Anthropology in the University of London. He is the author of Marxist Analyses and Social Anthropology (1975). Table Of Contents 1. Anthropology and the Work of Marx and Engels 2. Marx and Engels on Anthropology 3. The Present-Day Standing of Marx s and Engels s Anthropology 4. The Direct Successors to Marx and Engels 5. Marxism and American Anthropology 6. Marxism and British and French Anthropology Bibliography Index