ISBN 9788182050488,Mass Media And Information Revolution

Mass Media And Information Revolution


Isha Books



Isha Books

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788182050488

ISBN-10 8182050480

Hard Back

Number of Pages 278 Pages
Language (English)

Information Technology

Media are having a pivotal role in informing the people and influencing their thinking and shaping their attitudes. One of their major purposes is to provide an impartial, disinterested synthesis of information. Today, they are undergoing tremendous changes. They are more fashionable, more powerful and more influential today.
This book encompasses lot of connotations for various concepts connected to mass media. It consists of major aspects of comparison of mass media with interpersonal communication, growth of communication technology, satellite communication, applications of advanced communication technology in agricultural development, traditional folk media and so on. We hope this unique publication would be a useful reference guide for social scientists, educationists, technicians of mass media, research scholars, media personnel, besides, policy-makers, planners and administers at global level too.